Mirá las mejores fotos de esta escultural modelo del fitness que es furor en las redes sociales.


Everyday I’m told I’m an attention seeking slut, amazing, inspiring, an angel, a whore, real, fake, ugly, gorgeous, a princess, old, the perfect woman. It’s part of social media. Now, in real life, people don’t come up and say these things to my face, but there’s this anonymous democracy online where people can express their opinions of others with this sense of suspension of disbelief of recognizing another human online as a human. I think we are all subject to this to different extents. We are living in one of the greatest social experiments ever conducted. ❤️ So, with all this feedback, what do you see? Do you pay more attention to the negative? Probably. ����♀️ It’s how we’re wired. It’s human nature. It would be equally incorrect (albeit much more pleasant) to buy all the way into the positive. ❤️ So what’s the solution? How can we get away from being lifted and lowered with the tides of others opinions? I wish I had a one size fits all answer of how to find a deeply rooted sense of self. It would sure help a lot of people. ❤️ For me what’s worked has been being of service. When I’m helping another human...working with women who are struggling to stay sober, being a truly present mom, feeding someone who might not otherwise get a meal, sharing my truth online in hopes it might help someone, that’s my anchor. What’s yours? #confidence #calvinklein #selfie #fitness #fit #fitnessmodel #servie #meditation #prayer #iloveyou

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